Fight Against Noncommunicable Diseases On A Rise, Cameroon

As the battle to stay fit while maintaining a healthy diet increases daily on the African continent, Cameroonian food and nutrition technologists developed a solution to facilitate Africans achieve the body morphology they seek. LachoFit is a mobile application that targets two risk factors of noncommunicable diseases: unhealthy dieting and physical inactivity. It helps people… Continue reading Fight Against Noncommunicable Diseases On A Rise, Cameroon

Promoting “Made in Cameroon” Products

as part of Cameroon’s strategy to promote “made in Cameroon,” they aim to push Cameroonian products on the shelves of supermarkets

Beri-Nut, Nut for Nutrition

Beri-Nut… Many will wonder, what kind of nut this is, some might even say they’ve never seen or tasted it… hahaha…it is not what you think. Beri-Nut is an application, meant to collect, consolidate and follow up under 5 malnourished children. The name Beri, is from its founder Bruna Njeba Beri, a medical school graduate… Continue reading Beri-Nut, Nut for Nutrition