Beri-Nut, Nut for Nutrition

Beri-Nut… Many will wonder, what kind of nut this is, some might even say they’ve never seen or tasted it… hahaha…it is not what you think. Beri-Nut is an application, meant to collect, consolidate and follow up under 5 malnourished children.

The name Beri, is from its founder Bruna Njeba Beri, a medical school graduate in pharmacy, who saw the need to create this app after working with Action Against Hunger, under the Health and Nutrition Department.
Due to the difficulties they faced in obtaining under 5 nutrition Data in Cameroon, Bruna Njeba Beri was pushed to create the app Beri-Nut on February 12, 2021.

Front-end view of the app

However, she and her team, have not been able to provide their services to anyone nor had any remuneration because the application has not yet been tested. Once testing is done, the application will be made accessible to the public.
Bruna says she needs investors and grants to help her cross the beta testing phase and fully launch, considering the fact, this process as well as its marketing is very costly.
She adds that one major difficulty they are still facing is how to gain exposure and fully launch the application such that Organizations see their legitimacy and facilitate the testing and finally subscribe.
The young pharmacist is very passionate about public health nutrition and supply chain management. She carries out activities in these two domains at the Ngaoundere Urban Health District office on a daily basis.

When asked where she sees Beri-Nut in five years from now, she said and I quote, “I see Beri-Nut managing nutrition data for other organizations, facilitating and reducing the malnutrition rates in all crisis zones all over Cameroon” end of quote.
If you want to see Beri-Nut at this level in five years, you can support this young start-up in any way you choose.
Beri-Nut is located in Ngaoundere, Adamawa Region of Cameroon. you can also contact its founder at:
677553713/ 659039176

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