Fight Against Noncommunicable Diseases On A Rise, Cameroon

As the battle to stay fit while maintaining a healthy diet increases daily on the African continent, Cameroonian food and nutrition technologist’s developed a solution to facilitate Africans achieve the body morphology they seek.

LachoFit is a mobile application that targets two risk factors of noncommunicable diseases: unhealthy dieting and physical inactivity. It helps people track their diets, know the percentages of carbohydrates, fats, calories, and micro-nutrient content, and gives details on which meal is required for one to meet the daily nutrient percentages.

According to the world health organization (WHO) report, 74% of the world’s deaths are a result of noncommunicable diseases. Meanwhile, more than three-quarters of all these deaths and 86% of the 17 million people who die prematurely or before reaching 70 years of age occur in low and middle-income countries.

WHO also notes that these noncommunicable diseases pose devastating health consequences for individuals, families, and communities and threaten to overwhelm health systems.

In this light, Mukong thinks his mobile application comes in handy to help mitigate the spread of noncommunicable diseases such as cancers, diabetes, hypertension, and strokes, to name a few.

According to him, LachoFit will not just serve as a nutrition application, but it is going to focus on African dishes given that most of the nutrition apps found on the play store and app store focus on the meals found in the western world, as a result, do not work effectively for those at this other end of the continent.

Meanwhile, for users to have a great experience while using the application, he intends to add other features like dietic consultation, an African dietetic restaurant where people with busy schedules can have their diets monitored and delivered to them in the comfort of their home/work.

An online sports coaching service where people can buy home sports equipment from their store and have experts who will monitor their activities daily.

They also intend to make available food supplements for those who want to boost their daily nutrition intakes, immune system, and sports performance, to name a few.

With these improvements achieved on the Lachofit mobile application sooner than later, Mukong thinks eating a healthy balanced diet accompanied by regular exercise is essential in maintaining physical and mental health and well-being, thus limiting the spread of noncommunicable diseases.

Unfortunately, if a project as important as LachoFit is left solely on the shoulders of Mukong and his team of 9, it may be realized when many people must have already been victims of these noncommunicable diseases.

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