Have you traveled by bus lately? if yes, you must have discovered the new form of advertising…BUSPUB MEDIA.
This is the idea of 28year old Maxime Tsague, a Mining Engineer, who graduated from The Cameroon Christian University Institute, Bali in 2014.

The idea of this startup, BUSPUB MEDIA, came about when he discovered that platforms for advertisement like billboards, TV, radio, journals, etc, hardly reach the audience because people hardly take time to read or listen and most of those who do, do not understand the message. With the increasing desire for companies and business owners to market their goods and services effectively, the idea to create BUSPUB MEDIA was birth on the 1st of August 2020.

According to Maxime Tsague, 70% of interurban movements are done through buses. The Yaounde – Douala highway accounts for 80% of such movements, mostly for economic purposes. A great opportunity to advertise to passengers, who spend at least 5hrs in these buses doing almost nothing. Without any form of harassment or disturbance, the passengers are able to read through the advert over and over, and by so doing discovering the product or service being advertised, thereby creating more awareness.
At the end of the month, the advert reaches close to 25000 people, who according to Maxime Tsague, have undergone what he calls “The Message Transfer Process” and a good number of them end up patronizing them.

BUSPUB MEDIA is open to everyone and is very affordable as its founder says, its services are unarguably the cheapest in the market.
However, BUSPUB MEDIA has its own difficulties.
As a new concept, market entry is low because so many people are still skeptical about it, and also some travel agencies give them so many conditions, while others totally deny them access.
Despite these difficulties, the 2year old start-up with its close to 10 staff, is slowly but surely gaining grounds in the advertising field.
If you are a business owner and want at least 25000 people to know about your product or service within a month, BUSPUB MEDIA is here for you. It is situated at Akwa, Douala.

You may also want to support the young advertising company grow, contact them through,
698734452 or

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