The Solar Powered Refrigerator.

Valuing the solar energy potential of the environment, while integrating sustainable development, technology transfer, and integration into the society, promoting young and green jobs, while contributing to the fight against global warming, with added value to the national economy is 25 years old, Triumphant Tchulang’s idea, founder and CEO of Clean Energy Services.

This ex-student of the national advanced school of engineering, of the University of Maroua, and the alumni of RLC Dakar, got inspired by the impact climate change had at the regional, national, and international levels. According to him, when he got to the Far North, it was 45 degrees hot, and because of these harsh climatic conditions and the lack of electricity, so many patients in the hospital suffered as most of them laid on the floor because of the heat, and their drugs too could not be preserved, as well as foodstuffs.

This prompted him to start researching in 2015, on how to solve this issue. This research led to the first prototype of his invention: the refrigerator in September 2017, which could be used at the time to store vaccines. In the same year, he took part in the Startup Weekend Sahel Tour Maroua, a competition organized by Tech-Stars, where he got the prize of the best business model.

In 2018 he continued researching and competing although he didn’t register any success. Then in 2019 he discovered an interesting way to upgrade his refrigerator and on the 3rd of October this year, Triumphant Tchulang took part in the EDF Pulse Africa Tour Cameroon competition, where he obtained the first prize, thanks to the invention of the Solar photovoltaic refrigerator, made from local materials and equipped with a sensor, using only solar thermal energy, which transforms the heat of the sun into cold through absorption. This refrigerator can be used to preserve not only vaccines, but also drugs, and other things.

Triumphant Tchulang will be representing Cameroon in Paris, on the 21st of November 2019, at the final of the EDF, Pulse Africa Prize, which rewards entrepreneurial innovation in the field of innovative energy solutions. Worthy of note is the fact that Triumphant Tchulang and a group of other young innovators are the authors of the first electric vehicle made in Cameroon, which they presented during the international youth fair at the Ministry of Youth Affairs in 2017.

These successes, however, didn’t come without Triumphant encountering difficulties along the way. According to him, there is a serious problem of finance, limited technology, and follow-up. He calls on youths who want to start up any business in the future, to turn every problem into an opportunity, persevere, and not give up no matter how many times they fail, and most importantly embrace teamwork.

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