NEW! Cameroon Healthcare Services Getting Better

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In view of an emerging Cameroon come 2035, a young biomedical engineer has developed a call system to facilitate communication between facilities and their clients.

According to the health sector strategy paper of 2016-2027, Cameroon is looking for a means to improve the quality of health services and care offered by health facilities with a focus on patients to guarantee quality case management. 

Fortunately, Tueche Fabrice, and his team have developed a product to facilitate communication between health personnel and their patients.


TelMi is a nurse call system that allows the patient to call the attention of the healthcare personnel by simply pressing a button in times of emergency.

But since the launch of the TelMi nurse call system this year, only about twenty private health establishments use the product.

Telmi is a product of MesinTech, a company designed to create consumer electronics to be used in the health sector or other sectors of the economy to improve the quality of their services.

MesinTech company has been around since 2019 but legalized its activities in 2022 and launched its first product TelMi.

Despite the availability of electronic and IT development companies in Cameroon, MesinTech is the first in the Cameroonian tech landscape as far as call systems are concerned.

In a bid to improve productivity, customer experience, and employee safety with solutions from call systems, Fabrice thinks most existing technologies are not adapted to the African context making TelMi the first of its kind to provide a solution that takes into account the needs of users and their environmental conditions.

Tuechue Fabric is a 27-year biomedical entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of MesinTech company located in Douala, Cameroon. 

His passion to improve African tech pushed him to establish his company and his zeal to pass on knowledge to those behind him is why he opens his doors to people who come in for internships and training depending on the purpose for which they want the training. 

Besides the business of developing products, MesinTech also offers services like software design, website, application design (Android and web), electronic design, and 3D printing. 

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