Preparing For The Coming Machine Revolution, Buea

Fotang with trainees

Materializing technologies are gradually shaping our working environment and how we shop and communicate.

Although we are not yet in the robotic era, robots are already doing jobs that were formally done by man. As a result, there is an urgent need to gain digital in-demand skills to stay alive in the job market.

Fortunately for the population of Buea, Northwest and Litoral regions, a one-time student of the University of Buea, School of Engineering who specialized in computer engineering saw this coming and has taken measures.

Meet Fotang Franklin, Cameroon digital entrepreneur whose interest in bringing technology closer to the population of Buea and his passion for job creation pushed him to come up with a tech company.

Zepstra is a Cameroonian-based Information Technology Company that offers services in custom software Development, Internet Marketing, IT consulting/training, web hosting, networking, and web design, to name a few.

As technology is fast changing and workers are needed to up-skill, for Cameroon not to be left behind, it is of importance companies like Zepstra are contracted for projects tilted towards that angle.

Given that, Zepstra can pride itself as one of the best, with eight years of experience in the field driven by the goal of satisfying customers.

Although Zepstra has been operating since 2014, it opened its doors in 2017 to date to interns of the College of Engineering and Technology from the University of Buea who want to get hands-on experience in their fields of study.

Besides internships, Zepstra offers scratch training programs depending on why the individual wants the training. Over the years, Zepstra can boast of training about 75 students in different fields and, some of these trainees are now workers in the company.

Zepstra has five permanent employees on its payroll, with others hired on a contract basis, given the project at hand. The services Zepstra offers do not just end in the tech world but cut across industries like finance, education, entertainment, and business, to name a few.

Need expert’s help preparing yourself or a group of people for the machine era, Zepstra is always open to working with you.

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