Modern Poultry Farms In Cameroon On The Rise

With the curent increase in the prices of food stuffs in the country, it is the aim of the Cameroon government to reduce the importation of frozen chicken and encourage home production.

In order to meet this quest, a 25 year agric engineer projects a poultry farm to go operational within October, 2022.

Citizen Building Farmers Cooperative, Buea is the idea of Zinkeng Casmier, a graduate from the University of Buea, Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine.

His passion for agriculture and the need to meet the shortage of chicken in the market caused him to make provision for a poultery farm.

The project site located at sandpit is aimed at starting with about 500 chicks and expand gradually from that number.

Casmier notes that, although the first set of birds will be fed with feed he would buy, the subsequent sets will be fed with feed mostly from his farm.

Besides a poultery farm, Casmier owns a corn farm which is specifically designed to produce feed for the birds, and a mill to grind and mix the feed.

Although Casmier hopes to employ workers when the project starts, curently he is soley receiving assistance in his farms from his family.

According to the founder of Citizen building farmers cooperative, he envisages to have an industrial poultery farm of about 5,000 birds. This way, maintaining the farm in terms of cleaning and generating heat for the birds will be time efficient.

While Casmier hopes to empower those coming behind him, he encourages the youths of Cameroon to see the need to invest in agriculture given that it is the backbone of the economy of Sub Saharan countires.

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