Beri-Nut, Nut for Nutrition

Beri-Nut… Many will wonder, what kind of nut this is, some might even say they’ve never seen or tasted it… hahaha…it is not what you think. Beri-Nut is an application, meant to collect, consolidate and follow up under 5 malnourished children. The name Beri, is from its founder Bruna Njeba Beri, a medical school graduate… Continue reading Beri-Nut, Nut for Nutrition

The Solar Powered Refrigerator.

Valuing the solar energy potential of the environment, while integrating sustainable development, technology transfer, and integration into the society, promoting young and green jobs, while contributing to the fight against global warming, with added value to the national economy is 25 years old, Triumphant Tchulang’s idea, founder and CEO of Clean Energy Services. This ex-student… Continue reading The Solar Powered Refrigerator.

FELIX FOMENGIA: A Self-Taught Andriod Developer

In the past, education was mostly associated with money. In order to get access to educational material, parents had to worry about paying for institutional services. Over the past few decades, technology has influenced almost everything in the world, one of them being the educational system. The invention of mobile educational applications has revolutionized the… Continue reading FELIX FOMENGIA: A Self-Taught Andriod Developer

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A Young Cameroonian Fighting for the Rights of Mother Nature

A holder of a master’s degree in Climate-Smart Agriculture, Fontoh Desmond Fontoh is the founder of Crusaders for Environment Protection and Ozone Watch (CEPOW), an organization involved in development projects in the areas of environmental conservation, environmental education, and women and youth development. Coming from a society where the subject of environmental protection has often… Continue reading A Young Cameroonian Fighting for the Rights of Mother Nature